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Whistleblowing Policy

LCM has equipped itself with a corporate compliance tool (Trusty platform) through which employees, suppliers, customers and external collaborators can report, in a confidential and protected way, any wrongdoing encountered during your own activity.

A person has been identified for the examination of the reports who has been duly appointed and authorised.

The wrongdoings that can be reported to the designated Institution, with the power of investigation and intervention, are basically:

  1. the so-called “predicate wrongdoings” of the 231/01 law applied by the Company and which represent offences of a criminal nature (fraud, fraud against the State, computer crimes, embezzlement, corporate crimes, corruption, etc.)
  2. bad practices that affect the strategic interests of the community (privacy, antitrust, environment)
  3. Conduct in violation of ethical standards

The law clearly defines the protections for all those who report violations, who cannot suffer retaliation of any kind.

Obviously, the reports must be documented and have a serious basis of foundation in order not to incur, on the contrary, the crime of defamation committed by the whistleblower in the event of an unfounded or non-existent complaint.

If you want to proceed with the report click here.